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State Railway Bureau: Cancellation of 11 approved projects in 2013
According to the State Railway Bureau website news, the State Railway Bureau recently held its first working meeting, the party secretary, director Lu Dongfu at the meeting, 2013 in the original Ministry of Railways on the basis of the approval of 19 projects, After adidas big tongue the clean-up audit, a total of 11 canceled, retained 8, cancel the project accounted for 57.9%. In the first meeting of the State Railway Bureau why running is bad for you held can running will running give me abs give you abs on January 6, the party secretary and director Lu Dongfu reviewed and summarized the main experience of the construction of the Bureau: 2013, the central government decided to implement the railway system separation of government and enterprise reform, China Railway Management The system has undergone profound historical changes. The newly formed National Railway Administration conscientiously implement the reform of the State Council and the transformation of the functions of the State Council, the coach crossbody bags unity of thinking and action to the central major decision-making arrangements to carry out the party's mass line education practice as the driving force to promote the transfer function, Style, to encourage all cadres and workers to work hard to high-spirited state of mind and unity and pragmatic style of work, while the formation of the side, doing their best to do everything possible to overcome the difficulties, to maintain the overall situation of railway safety and stability and reform and development, Unfolded. First, resolutely implement the central decision on the railway reform, the implementation of the State Council three provisions, around the railway safety, quality, market supervision and planning, standards, regulations, policy research and other industry how running changes your body administrative responsibilities, combined with the actual grasp of the State Railway Bureau The strategic positioning and overall work ideas, continue coach shoulder bag to gather consensus, the formation of a common ideological basis for reform. From July 2013, the basic cadres in place, and strive to set up side, while duties, to January 6, 2014, built and open to the government to open the government website, the National Railway Administration set up the work has been successfully completed. 7 regional railway supervision and management of the main responsible comrades and above the backbone of the initial identification. Approved by the central authorities, reform and reorganization of the Bureau of seven institutions have started to set up work. After all nike lebron 13 mujers efforts, the railway system reform steadily, the contingent of cadres is stable, the work of orderly convergence. Second, change the function, a substantial reduction of railway administrative examination and approval matters, to further implement the separate nike air max requirements of government and enterprises. For those social investors have the initiative, the market mechanism can effectively allocate resources, play a role in the will running tone my legs matter, determined adidas equipment not to engage in administrative approval, the release of market vitality. On the micro-management of the normal transportation and production activities of the enterprise, the enterprise shall be responsible for the safety inspection and supervision, and further implement the main responsibility of the enterprise's safety production. Directly related to the public life and property safety or social and public interests, according to the law set up administrative approval, strict adidas nmd runner will running tone my body standardized management, and strengthen the event after the supervision. 2013 what running shoes in the original Ministry of Doudoune moncler outlet Railways on the basis of 19 items approved by the clean-up audit, a total of 11 canceled, retained 8, cancel the project accounted for 57.9%. Third, to promote the implementation of the 'Railway Safety Management Regulations' as the starting point, strengthen the supervision of the rule of law. Closely around the protection of railway transport safety and construction quality, research and development of supporting the development of rules and regulations for three years to promote can running cause miscarriage the plan. According to the what running shoes are best for me regulations, the draft Measures for the Examination and Approval of the Import and nike air vapormax Export are running shoes good for walking of Railway Locomotives and Rolling Stocks, the Measures for the Examination and Approval of Railway Transportation how running shoes should fit Equipment Manufacturing Enterprises, the Measures for Licensing of Driving Persons for Railway Locomotives and Rolling Stocks, and the Administrative Punishment of the Regulations on Railway Safety Management Implementation measures 'and other rules, online public consultation after the views of the Ministry of Transport has been considered the implementation of the meeting. At the same time research and were running out of time development of the relevant provisions of the implementation of the permit and the railway construction quality supervision, project bidding and other 12 standard documents. And the Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council jointly organized the publication of the 'Railway Safety Management Regulations' interpretation, and the use of the site column on the provisions of some nike shoes outlet of the public interest, social concern of the important system, a popular interpretation. The leadership of the leadership to take the lead in learning regulations, the general cadres of the general administrative knowledge and regulatory laws and regulations of the learning and training; organizations to carry out law enforcement personnel qualification examination and training examinations, familiar with the law enforcement authority and law enforcement procedures. The first batch of more than 70 comrades through the training examinations to obtain legal enforcement. Fourth, carry out a thorough inspection of security, and effectively strengthen the safety and quality supervision. In accordance with the unified arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, in-depth carry out the railway industry safety inspection. The members of the Party Group are led by all members of the railway transport enterprises, some joint railways, locomotive and automobile manufacturing enterprises, construction sites and railways, along with the key points of high-speed rail, passenger cars and transportation production and key job safety risk control. Take the check, focus on spot checks, on-site unannounced visits, seminars and exchanges, etc., in-depth inspection of security management on the outstanding problems, put forward rectification proposals, urging the implementation of rectification requirements. At the same time participated in the four State Council security inspection supervision group, and on behalf of the nike shoes State Council Security Committee, the construction of the prevention of collapse of the special rectification work to carry out supervision. The establishment of the State Railway Bureau of the Security Committee, the development of the issuance of the work of the Security Committee and the 'National Railway Administration emergency contingency plans', clear the relevant working mechanism. Strengthen the railway construction quality and safety supervision, and urge the participating units to fully implement the project quality and safety management laws and regulations and mandatory standards, timely handling of the quality of railway construction complaints reported. Fifth, efforts to serve the overall situation, and actively coach cases promote the railway standard system construction and planning research, gilet moncler and actively participate in railway investment and financing system reform program. which running shoes To carry out the reform requirements of the State Council, to invest in railway classification construction, public welfare transport compensation, railway freight rates, comprehensive development of railway land and other issues to actively offer advice and suggestions to promote feeder railways, intercity railways, can running help you lose weight city were running with the shadows of the night (suburban) railway, resource development railway ownership and The right to operate is open to social capital. Organization to carry out the railway second half of the planned medium-term assessment, a what running does to your body comprehensive objective to reflect the effectiveness of planning implementation. In view of the practical difficulties and problems in the implementation of the plan, the paper puts forward the suggestions and relevant policies and measures for the second half of the second five years, and participates in all kinds of special planning research, and is well connected with the integrated transportation planning. Strengthen the construction of the railway standard system, set up the National Railway Bureau Technical Committee and the Committee of Experts, the organization nike foamposite one of the existing and in line with the railway technical standards for a comprehensive comb, completed more than 500 railway construction why running nose standards combing, classification, clear management interface, The railway industry standards and related national standards of the revised work for the construction of national standards, will running burn fat industry standards and corporate standards complement each other, the organic combination of railway technology standard system to lay the foundation. Six is ​​to actively participate in international exchanges and cooperation, to promote the interconnection with the surrounding national railway construction, why running is good for you and strive to serve the railway to go out. Make full use of China's high-speed railway development advantages, focusing on promoting China-Thailand, China, Vietnam, China and Mongolia, China and Russia and other railway cooperation projects, organize interconnection railway channel will running burn belly fat planning work, the old railway project organization deep research and demonstration, on behalf of the Chinese government Has signed a memorandum of cooperation between China and Thailand Railway, the Greater Mekong River Regional Railway Union Memorandum of Understanding and other important cooperation documents. Actively participate in the activities of railway international organizations, inherit the status of the former railway ministry member of the railway cooperation organization, confirm the formal membership status of the international railway alliance, actively organize experts to participate in economic nike air max 90 hyperfuse womens cooperation affairs such as international railway intermodal and relevant laws and regulations, technical standards and transportation Rules and other amendments to the work, to promote the internationalization of China's railway technology standards. And actively promote the inter-governmental multilateral and bilateral railway exchanges and cooperation. By participating in the Sino-US Transportation Forum, the China-Russia Transport Sub-Committee, the China-Hong Kong Transport Conference, the Greater Mekong River Basin Development Cooperation Conference, the APEC and the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific and other bilateral cooperation meetings to enhance the influence of China's railway. Lu Dongfu stressed that the National Railway Administration to build more than six months, the work of a solid start, orderly advance, both from the beginning of the hardships, but also to create new business confidence. We are more deeply aware that as long as we resolutely implement the central decision-making arrangements, strengthen the reform of faith, adhere to the maintenance of railway reform, development and stability of the overall action, we will be the difficulties on the road ahead, From the glorious mission of history. (The original title: National Railway Bureau: 2013 cancellation of 11 approved items to retain 8) Title: Song Yan






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