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Danny Amendola returns to Gillette

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Stadium with the undefeated Miami Dolphins on Sunday. Brandin Cooks just had a superb receiving game for the Los Angeles Rams in their fourth straight win Thursday night.The New England Patriots Greg Zuerlein Jersey , meanwhile, are sitting at 1-2 and looking for answers at wide receiver as they get set to play the fourth game of Julian Edelman's four-game performance-enhancers suspension.Asked Friday if it is frustrating to see his receivers go elsewhere and have success, Tom Brady said, "Not really. I'm happy for those guys.""Usually when you leave it's because you get good opportunities in other places," he added. "I'm usually generally frustrated by football in general just because it's a frustrating sport. But I'm sort of happy for guys when they do well."Brady said he didn't watch Cooks catch seven passes for 116 yards and a touchdown in the Rams' win, saying only, "They have a good team. To be undefeated you have to be good."Through that Thursday game, Cooks, traded to Los Angeles for a first-round draft pick that turned into now-injured offensive lineman Isaiah Wynn, has 26 catches — two more than the New England wide receivers combined.Phillip Dorsett, Chris Hogan and Cordarrelle Patterson have combined for 24 grabs, 230 yards and three touchdowns. Cooks has almost twice as many yards, 452, as the Patriots, and has scored the one TD on Thursday.Amendola, who left the Patriots via free agency, has 11 catches for 100 yards Jacob McQuaide Jersey , also for an undefeated team."He's a great friend. I'm happy for him and his opportunity," Brady said. "He's playing well. He was a great player for us. I have a great friendship with him and we'll be friends for the rest of our lives."New England acquired Josh Gordon from Cleveland in time for last week's game, but Gordon didn't suit up. Asked Friday if Gordon will play this week, coach Bill Belichick said, "We'll see."The Patriots have not lost three straight games since 2002. Last week, in the Sunday night loss at Detroit, they fell to 12-2 since '02 after a September loss. They are in the rare position of being two games behind someone - Miami - in the AFC East they seem to own by birthright.Does that make this a must-win situation?"These games are important. Division games, that's what it's all about, so . they're 3-0 and we're looking up at them," Brady said. "Obviously, we haven't played the way that we all think we're capable of playing, this is the next game, so it's going to be a great opportunity for us to go out there and see if we can put together four quarters of good football."He noted the key is the way his team starts the game. The numbers back him up: New England never trailed in the opening win against Houston but fell behind 14-0 at Jacksonville and 13-0 at Detroit, where the offense was invisible until the second quarter."You get behind 10 points or 14 points at the start of games and you're looking uphill all game," Brady said. "It's tough to win like that and we've done that the last two weeks. So we've got to try a different style this week and see if we can get ahead, see if we can play from ahead."Last week, Brady Dominique Easley Jersey , who has thrown six touchdowns passes and two interceptions, was guilty of throwing a pick — he had two through 10 games last year, none in the first four — into double coverage, and also of an intentional grounding."I'd always love to play great," he said. "I don't always make great decisions out there. But I'm trying. You don't get awards for trying in the NFL, so we're trying to play better than we played last week."A video surfaced Friday of Brady doing teammate James White's touchdown dance, the "Kodak Black," something Brady hopes to do Sunday."That's his move so he's trying to teach me something out there," Brady said. "He's pretty good at it, so I got a long way to go."White agreed: "He has a lot of work to do."So Brady said he was "going to be going home tonight and working on it - see if I can get in the end zone and do something special." ATLANTA (AP) — Practically every member of the Los Angeles Rams has a favorite story about Aaron Donald's feats of ridiculous athleticism.Michael Brockers loved the moment at Carolina in 2016 when Donald beat the Panthers‘ left guard and launched himself like Superman, swallowing up Cam Newton while airborne.Nickell Robey-Coleman preferred the game at San Francisco this season when Donald shredded a double-team and sacked C.J. Beathard — not by grabbing him, but by shoving the 49ers‘ center into his own quarterback. "Aaron can do things you didn't know were possible," said Rams defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, no stranger to improbable feats himself.Donald is the NFL's current sacks champion, the only unanimous All-Pro and a probable two-time league Defensive Player of the Year. But Los Angeles' powerful defensive tackle has one more daunting task in the Super Bowl. Donald and the Rams must figure out how to pressure Tom Brady, who completely stumped the New England Patriots‘ first two playoff opponents.The Chargers and Chiefs never sacked the 41-year-old superstar while he sat comfortably behind his stellar offensive line and picked apart their defenses for 691 yards passing, completing 71.1 percent of his throws.Donald Troy Hill Jersey , who set an NFL record for sacks by an interior lineman with 20½ this season, believes Los Angeles (15-3) can do what the Chargers and Chiefs couldn't."We'll get to him, but we have to stay patient and don't get frustrated," Donald said. "We've got a great secondary that will do its job and make sure he doesn't have easy throws. If he has to hold onto the ball, we'll have our chances. We just have to go get him."The Rams have been assembling the tools for this job all year long.In the spring, they signed the imposing Suh to a $14 million deal. They also acquired Aqib Talib and Marcus Peters, two elite cornerbacks who can create chances for their pass rush.They gave a six-year, $135 million contract extension to Donald in late August, making their best player happy after two offseason holdouts. He responded with the best season of his stellar career.Los Angeles then acquired edge rusher Dante Fowler from Jacksonville in late October, adding a speedy outside pass-rushing threat to a roster that lacked it. Fowler has 1½ sacks and six quarterback hits in the Rams' past four games — including the biggest hit of LA's season, forcing Drew Brees‘ overtime interception in the NFC championship game.Fowler never became a superstar with the Jaguars, but he loves being a role player for LA."I knew I was going to fit in with this defense because of A.D. and Suh," Fowler said. "They make it easy for everybody else on the defense. They cause so many problems."Donald, Suh and Brockers are a formidable defensive line, and their teamwork has improved each month. Although Donald doesn't have a sack in the Rams' two postseason games, he draws double-teams that free up Suh, who has 1½ sacks and four quarterback hits in an outstanding postseason.Even if Donald and Suh win their individual matchups on the line Michael Brockers Jersey , Brady's quick decisions and swift release make him awfully difficult for anyone to touch. He was sacked just 21 times in the regular season.Although the Chiefs tied for the NFL lead with 52 sacks in the regular season, they hit Brady just once and never sacked him in the AFC title game. A week earlier, the Chargers' dynamic pass-rushing duo of Melvin Ingram and Joey Bosa never got to him.Even if the Rams can't sack Brady, they must attempt to get him moving before his receivers' routes develop. That's an area in which Donald specializes: Although he faces more double-teams than just about any defensive player, he consistently penetrates the opponents' backfield regardless."There's nothing he can't do in regards to disrupting a game," Rams coach Sean McVay said.When Brady doesn't face quick pressure, he is typically able to lacerate opposing defenses with short passes. Just ask the Chargers and Chiefs."That's crazy," Brockers said when told about Brady's sack-free postseason. "He's the G.O.A.T., but he's just another quarterback. He's going to try to avoid the pressure. It's our job as D-linemen to get to him, so we're putting the pressure on ourselves to try to influence him and try to get him off his spot."The Rams believe they have the players for the job, and they also might have the scheme.Defensive coordinator Wade Phillips' 3-4 defense stopped Brady in the 2015 AFC title game. Phillips' Broncos — including Talib — hit Brady 17 times and made him miserable while going 27 of 56 in the Patriots' 20-18 loss.Fowler has studied video of that game for years now. He would love to play the role of Von Miller, who got 2½ sacks and an interception.Phillips isn't getting into any specifics of the Rams' plan against Brady, camouflaging his sharp mind behind his usual geniality."Unfortunately for me, I get older, but Tom Brady doesn't," the 71-year-old Phillips said. "You don't stop great offenses. You just try to slow them down."


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Aquí encontrarás todo lo necesario para no perderte en el mundo de la euskal musika: letras de canciones en euskera (lengua vasca), grupos, bandas, artistas, solistas, cantantes y autores vascos, sus discos, traducciones a otros idiomas, acordes para guitarra, algunas canciones MP3, fotos, unos foros de discusión, y una comunidad de gente joven amante de la música vasca. Aunque la base de datos cuenta con varios miles de canciones vascas de todos las épocas y estilos (rock, pop, tradicional, punk, reggae, electrónica, heavy, clásica…), es posible que eches en falta algún grupo musical o canción. Puedes colaborar enviándolas tú mismo a través de las páginas de colaboración. Si te animas a sugerir nuevos grupos, bandas o solistas, recuerda que el único requisito es que algunas de sus canciones sean en lengua vasca. Más

El compromiso de Musikazblai Euskera es con el euskera y la música en euskera. En Internet hay decenas de sitios donde es posible encontrar información sobre los artistas que cantan en castellano o en inglés, pero encontrar una comunidad articulada en torno a la música de Euskal Herria y al euskera era difícil y por eso comenzamos este portal, que abarca sobre todo gente joven amante de la música de su tierra. La mayoría son vascohablantes, si bien un porcentaje significativo de las visitas son de fuera del País Vasco e incluso de fuera de Europa: vascos y vascas emigrados y otras personas interesadas en la lengua y la música del País Vasco. Como una parte de estas personas interesadas en la euskal musika no dominan el idioma existen también traducciones de muchas canciones al castellano, realizadas por los propios usuarios. Si nos visitas desde fuera y no conoces Euskadi, (también llamado País Vasco, Pays Basque, Euskal Herria o Euskalherria), se trata del pueblo vasco, situado a ambos lados de la frontera entre España y Francia en la parte occidental de los Pirineos, y cuyas principales ciudades son Bilbao, Vitoria (Gasteiz), San Sebastián (Donosti), Barakaldo, Getxo, Irún, Portugalete, Santurtzi, Basauri y Rentería. En Navarra, donde también se habla euskera, son Iruña (Pamplona), Tudela, Barañáin, Burlada (Burlata), Estella (Lizarra), Zizur, Tafalla y Atarrabia (Villaba).