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What kind of NFL prospect is Kyler Murray and could he

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be a fit for the New York Giants? Allen Kenney of SB Nation’s Oklahoma Sooners website Crimson and Cream Machine and the Blatant Homerism podcast joins ‘Valentine’s Views’ to discuss the Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback.Kenney told Big Blue View that “clearly Ray-Ray Armstrong Jersey , football is Kyler Murray’s first love.”Here are some of the other topics we discussed.Are Murray’s skills transferable to the NFL?“I always worry about the size when it comes to guys like that. I would have said the same thing about Baker Mayfield coming out of Oklahoma last year. You worry about things like can he see over the line, can he see in the pocket, how likely is it that his throws are going to be getting tipped or batted at the line. On top of that just his size in general, how can he handle the physical punishment Daniel Jones New York Giants Jersey ,” Kenney said.“I think that the questions about his ability to transfer all those skills over the NFL are very legitimate.”On the other hand ...“You don’t also see quarterback prospects with his athleticism, his arm strength, his quickness, his speed out there very often. So Youth Phil McConkey Jerseys , is it worth the risk? I think if you’re a quarterback-needy team, yeah.”Will Murray be successful in the NFL?“My knee-jerk response to that question is no, but that’s just because so few NFL quarterbacks actually make it. That would be me just kind of playing the numbers, it’s not necessarily a reflection of how I feel about Murray as a prospect. I’m still not entirely sure the NFL is ready to make the best use of his talents Phil McConkey Jerseys Stitched ,” Kenney said.“It’s not really a question of whether or not Murray can do it. It’s just hard to find the right situation for a quarterback anymore in the NFL to really thrive .. it’s more a crap shoot.”Could the Giants be the right fit?“Clearly there is a high risk-reward possibility here,” Kenney said. “The one thing that would give me a lot of confidence about the Giants taking him is that I think a lot of [Pat] Shurmur and his ability as you mentioned to groom and develop quarterbacks. From that standpoint that seems like it would be a pretty good situation for him.”Listen to the full show below.Where to subscribeYou can find and subscribe to Big Blue View Radio on the show’s home page. You can also find the shows on our Big Blue View Radio Hub Page.You can also find us on all your favorite podcast apps:Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Pocket Casts | Spotify | Stitcher | RSSFinally, be sure to check out the home page for all of the shows across the expanding Vox Media Podcast Network. The Broncos took themselves out of the Nick Foles‘ sweepstakes with their agreement with Baltimore for Joe Flacco. The teams with an established starter also won’t have interest in Foles or he in them. You can probably scratch Philadelphia off the list of suitors, too.Zack Rosenblatt of NJ.com quotes a source as saying it’s “unlikely” Foles would return to the Eagles as a backup to Carson Wentz. This was expected.The Eagles can’t afford both Foles and Wentz.Foles voided his 2019 option with the Eagles last week Youth Mark Bavaro Jerseys , paying the $2 million buyout. The Eagles still are expected to place the franchise tag on Foles before trying to trade him, though that would violate the Collective Bargaining Agreement. The Eagles want to keep Foles away from the Giants and Washington, their NFC East rivals in the market for a quarterback. Rosenblatt reports that Foles “probably” would have interest in the Giants as a free agent.


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Aquí encontrarás todo lo necesario para no perderte en el mundo de la euskal musika: letras de canciones en euskera (lengua vasca), grupos, bandas, artistas, solistas, cantantes y autores vascos, sus discos, traducciones a otros idiomas, acordes para guitarra, algunas canciones MP3, fotos, unos foros de discusión, y una comunidad de gente joven amante de la música vasca. Aunque la base de datos cuenta con varios miles de canciones vascas de todos las épocas y estilos (rock, pop, tradicional, punk, reggae, electrónica, heavy, clásica…), es posible que eches en falta algún grupo musical o canción. Puedes colaborar enviándolas tú mismo a través de las páginas de colaboración. Si te animas a sugerir nuevos grupos, bandas o solistas, recuerda que el único requisito es que algunas de sus canciones sean en lengua vasca. Más

El compromiso de Musikazblai Euskera es con el euskera y la música en euskera. En Internet hay decenas de sitios donde es posible encontrar información sobre los artistas que cantan en castellano o en inglés, pero encontrar una comunidad articulada en torno a la música de Euskal Herria y al euskera era difícil y por eso comenzamos este portal, que abarca sobre todo gente joven amante de la música de su tierra. La mayoría son vascohablantes, si bien un porcentaje significativo de las visitas son de fuera del País Vasco e incluso de fuera de Europa: vascos y vascas emigrados y otras personas interesadas en la lengua y la música del País Vasco. Como una parte de estas personas interesadas en la euskal musika no dominan el idioma existen también traducciones de muchas canciones al castellano, realizadas por los propios usuarios. Si nos visitas desde fuera y no conoces Euskadi, (también llamado País Vasco, Pays Basque, Euskal Herria o Euskalherria), se trata del pueblo vasco, situado a ambos lados de la frontera entre España y Francia en la parte occidental de los Pirineos, y cuyas principales ciudades son Bilbao, Vitoria (Gasteiz), San Sebastián (Donosti), Barakaldo, Getxo, Irún, Portugalete, Santurtzi, Basauri y Rentería. En Navarra, donde también se habla euskera, son Iruña (Pamplona), Tudela, Barañáin, Burlada (Burlata), Estella (Lizarra), Zizur, Tafalla y Atarrabia (Villaba).