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Earlier in the week Joejuan Williams NFL Draft , I broke down some possible trade deadline acquisitions that the the Patriots could make on offense. I wrote about the pros and cons of adding to the offense, but I think that we can all agree that adding to the defense should be a higher priority. After a 2017 season that saw an inconsistent and slow defensive group finally get exposed in the Super Bowl, not many of the major questions have been answered. The 2018 Patriots still lack speed and their edge rushers remain inconsistent. I expect them to look for front seven upgrades today, and there are plenty of trade candidates.Edge DefendersMarkus GoldenGolden, a 3-4 linebacker turned 4-3 defensive end in Arizona’s new scheme, has underwhelmed since he broke out with 12.5 sacks in 2016. After tearing his ACL and missingthe final twelve games in 2017, Golden has returned as a part-time player in the last year of his rookie contract, playing 46.7% of defensive snaps. Golden has been hot over his last three games, recording 1.5 sacks, four quarterback hits, and one pass defended.While Golden will likely never be the double-digit sack guy (and Marcus Cannon annihilator) he was in 2016 – and PFF suggested that he was a regression candidate – he is a guy that will add needed depth to the Patriots edge players at a minimal draft pick and financial cost. As a former second round pick at a premium defensive position, the Patriots can expect Golden to factor into compensatory pick calculations with his next contract. Shane Ray/Shaquil BarrettShane Ray and Shaquil Barrett are edge defenders that have had experience playing both 3-4 outside linebacker and 4-3 defensive end. On a non-contending team like the Broncos, they should both be available as free-agents to be. Ray was a hyped prospect at Missouri playing alongside Michael Sam. Despite being issued a misdemeanor citation for marijuana possession three days before the draft, Ray was traded up for and selected 23rd overall back in 2015. After showing promise in limited snaps behind Von Miller and DeMarcus Ware his first two seasons in the league, many though that he was going to shine in a full-time role. Instead, Ray has struggled with a nagging wrist injury and has been ineffective when healthy. Denver declined to pick up his 5th year option.Shaquil Barrett fought his way onto the Denver roster as an UDFA, and quickly became a regular. While Ray has a much higher ceiling and has arguably better utility on the Patriots as a pure sub-rusher, Barrett has a much more well-rounded game. Barrett has been active for every game dating back to week 1 in 2015 and has been a major contributor on special teams every year of his career. He also has a knack for forcing turnovers with seven forced fumbles in his career.Vinny CurryCurry was a part of the Eagles’ fearsome edge defender rotation last year with Brandon Graham, Chris Long, and Derek Barnett, before he became too expensive to keep this offseason. He cashed in with Tampa Bay on a three-year deal worth $23 million, but his contract really only consists of a one-year guarantee. All money after 2018 is only guaranteed for injury, so the Patriots could clear Curry’s $8 million dollar cap hit for 2019 with no dead money after the season. Curry is currently nursing an ankle injury that has sidelined him since week six, and he’s probably out for another couple of weeks. Contingent on his injury not threatening the rest of his season, Curry is a solid option as a 3rd down sub rusher and his 2018 base salary is $3 million, so trading for him would not put the Patriots over the cap. My opinion: Yes on Golden and Barrett Joejuan Williams Buffalo Bills Jersey , no on Ray; Curry is too risky with his ankle injuryLinebackersJamie Collins Sr.The “Jamie Collins to the Pats” rumblings began with an innocuous suggestion by ESPN’s Bill Barnwell in a trade idea column three weeks ago. While Collins’ prorated base salary is more than the Patriots can afford with their cap space, Barnwell introduces the idea of Cleveland converting some of it to a bonus to lower the cost for the Patriots. Whether or not Barnwell’s conclusion that Cleveland would dump Collins for nothing but a 7th round pick to save $2.5 million is realistic is another story, but that’s the framework of what the potential deal would look like. As one of the only Jamie Collins truthers left, I would more than welcome the return of Collins, who in my opinion should have never been traded in the first place. The acquisition of Collins would help address the biggest issue with the Patriots’ linebackers, their lack of speed. He would push Hightower and Van Noy to the edge more where they can better utilize their skill sets. Jeff Howe reported this weekend that the Patriots did in fact inquire about Collins. Todd DavisDavis has long been an underrated linebacker, and he’s under contract through 2020 on very reasonable cap hits. He isn’t a guy that Denver has any obligation to trade, so we’re probably looking at an offer of at least a 4th round pick. To me, Davis strikes me as a linebacker that Belichick likes. He represents an upgrade over Elandon Roberts as an early down run stuffer and can push Hightower and Van Noy to the edge as well. Haason ReddickReddick was an athletic freak coming out of Temple and the Cardinals pounced on him with the 13th overall pick in 2017, knowing that he was heading for a position change from defensive end to linebacker at the next level. Midway through the second year of his career, Reddick is trying hard to avoid bust status. It’s way too early to declare it right now, especially when considering all of the coaching, scheme and multi-position work he’s had to go through early in his career, but his name has already been floated in trade talks. After playing no more than 18% of defensive snaps in weeks 1-4, Reddick hasn’t left the field over his last four, playing almost exclusively 4-3 OLB. PFF thinks that he’s OK but Ian Rapaport insinuated last week that Reddick may have played his way off of the trading block in the eyes of the Arizona front office. Perhaps that is the case, but the theory that the Cardinals used the last four weeks to showcase him for a trade could also hold true. At this point, Reddick’s trade value is at least a 3rd round pick. The Patriots make a lot of sense as a suitor, as they have a need for an athletic linebacker and are projected for four 3rd round picks.My opinion: Yes on Collins if they can make the money work. I wouldn’t pay the Broncos’ asking price for Davis. If the Cardinals will accept the Lions’ 2019 3rd rounder and another piece (Eric Rowe?) for Reddick then I’m in.All-in tradesPatrick Peterson/Chris Harris Jr.Patrick Peterson is the guy that many have been clamoring for since he made a declaration that he wanted out of Arizona. GM Steve Keim publicly rebuffed the request, likely in an attempt to save his job. That being said, I could see the Patriots giving out an offer the Cardinals can’t refuse like a 2019 1st round pick, Eric Rowe, and a conditional 2020 3rd rounder. If the Patriots are really serious about going all-in on Brady’s final years, controlling Peterson alongside Stephon Gilmore through 2020 would be one hell of a way to do it. The same concept would be true if the Patriots made a similar offer for Chris Harris Jr. who is controlled for one fewer year, but at a much cheaper price. Elway would hate to deal CHJ to someone in his conference, let alone the Patriots Color Rush Joejuan Williams Jersey , but a 1st round pick offer could be too good to resist.Bobby WagnerSeattle is dead. They might now want to hear it, but that team isn’t winning anything with their current core, their championship window is closed for now. The cost for arguably the best linebacker in the game will be steep, at least a 1st round pick. And hell, John Schneider and Pete Carroll might just hang up the phone. But this kind of aggressive acquisition would inject new life into a defense that has struggled in the middle for most of the last two years. Wagner is controlled through 2019 and space for his $11.5 million cap hit next year can be made by the release of Hightower and Dwayne Allen. My opinion: I would trade a future 1st round pick (or more) for Peterson and Wagner if available. I would probably balk at Elway’s price for Chris Harris Jr.If someone asked a room full of Patriots fans “have you ever been personally victimized by the Patriots’ defense in last two years”, every hand in the room would go up. Once a team that was known for its tenacious defense and opportunistic and scrappy defenders, the Patriots’ defensive unit has been out of character for going on two years now. Will it take a blockbuster move for them to fix it? Can the Patriots afford to only add marginal talent to their front 7 when the window for a championship could shut at any moment? Those are questions that I am throughly unqualified to answer, but I’m sure they have been thought about for hours and hours in the Patriots’ front office. The deadline is today at 4:00 PM EST and I’m looking forward to seeing how they address them. The New England Patriots are no strangers to facing hostile environments on the road. After all, they are by far the most successful team of the 21st century and encounter a mix of jealousy and hatred nearly everywhere they go. In that sense, they are well prepared for their upcoming AFC Championship matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs. However, traveling to Arrowhead Stadium is still a bit different than your run-of-the-mill road game.After all, the stadium is known to be one of the most hostile venues in all of football and arguably the loudest in the NFL. And Sunday’s game makes for a perfect combination: not only are the Patriots coming to town, Kansas City is also hosting its first ever conference championship game. It is not a stretch of the imagination to say that Arrowhead Stadium will be at its loudest tomorrow — and the Patriots know they need to be ready.“I would certainly agree that it’s the loudest in the country based off of my experiences in this league,” said special teams ace Matthew Slater earlier this week. Wide receiver Julian Edelman echoed Slater’s remarks on Friday. “It’s going to be a hostile environment. You expect that. They have an unbelievable fan base over there that loves their football just as ours, so you know they’re going to be all riled up.”Both Slater and Edelman have experience playing at Arrowhead: they were both with the team when it was defeated 41-14 in week four of the 2014 season (one that nevertheless ended in a world championship for New England). That day, the Kansas City faithful broke the world record for loudest roar in a stadium — and it would not be a surprise if tomorrow rivaled that Monday night four years ago.“I can imagine it’s pretty loud there. I’ve heard about it. I’ve never played there, but I’ve heard it gets pretty loud,” said one of the Patriots who has no experience of traveling to Kansas City, Shaq Mason. The starting right guard was still in college the last time New England played at Arrowhead, but he is well aware that the team has to be well prepared for the noise and the issues it can create especially in regards to communication.“Communication is going to be tough but it just goes to us being a solid unit and relaying back to all of the things that we worked on this week [...] we’re very much looking forward to the task at hand,” Mason said. The 25-year old, who will have to go against one of the most talented defensive lines in football on Sunday, was not the only player to mention the preparatory work the Patriots did this week in order to prepare for the noise.“You try to do everything in your power during the week. Coach has the stereo blaring and working on nonverbal communication and all of those types of things,” the aforementioned Julian Edelman said. Center man David Andrews, who like Mason joined the Patriots after their last trip to Missouri, also pointed out that the team has to make sure it in-week preparation is applied correctly on Sunday as not to have the noise impact the game.“I think you just have to be very thorough. You can’t leave anything assumed and need to make sure everybody’s on the same page. You can’t work on a snap count so you have to be on the silent but I think that’s something we can do a good job of Youth Joejuan Williams Jersey ,” Andrews said. Like the rest of his teammates speaking to the media, however, he also acknowledged that playing at a noisy Arrowhead Stadium will be a test.“It’ll be a big challenge. It’s going to be a great environment for a football game, that’s for sure,” the 26-year old team captain, who joined the Patriots alongside Mason as part of New England’s 2015 rookie class, said. “I’ve never been [to Arrowhead], so I don’t know what the atmosphere is like there, but I’m sure it will be loud and we are prepared for it. On Sunday we are going to do the things we’ve done in practice.”“It’s going to be loud, man. Their fans, their stadium, it’s a great atmosphere. We know that going into it,” said safety Patrick Chung before also adding the team’s common theme this week: it will not let the noise become a factor. “Really it means nothing. We’re going out there to win a game, and they’re trying to win, also. It’s going to be a battle. Home or away, it doesn’t matter. It’s win or go home. So, we’re going to show up to play.”Matthew Slater shared Chung’s thoughts on the team’s abilities to counter the atmosphere. “The one thing that we can do to control that is to try to play well and execute at a high level starting from the opening kickoff. Knowing we are going to have to deal with it at some point, we’ve worked hard to prepare ourselves to deal with so we will see how it goes,” the 33-year old team captain said.Executing at a high level from the very first snap will be a key for the Patriots to take the crowd factor out of the equation as well as possible. What also adds to this is the fact that Kansas City is the fastest-starting team in the NFL — one that outscores its opponent by an average of nearly a touchdown in the first quarter this season — and generally built for playing with a lead, especially when it comes to its pass defense.But for all that has been made of the noise at Arrowhead Stadium, leave it to Bill Belichick to put it all into perspective. “I think it’s about the team you play,” the Patriots’ head coach told reporters on Friday. “The Chiefs are good, so they’re tough. If you play them anywhere, they’re tough. They were tough here.”


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